The Red Mansion Art Prize 2014

The 7 Red Mansion Art Prize winners
Caroline Abbotts, Ghazaleh Avarzamani, Sung Eun Chin, Imran Perretta, Tom Railton, Jakob Rowlinson, Abigail Sidebotham
will be showing at the RCA Dyson Gallery
(1 Hester Street SW11 4AN) opens 12-18 April | PV 11 April | 18:30-21:00


About the Artists

Δ Caroline Abbotts

Born in 1988 in Derbyshire, Abbotts studied on an undergraduate BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, she is currently studying at the Royal Academy Schools.

In her work, she uses the natural world to collect information often this is in relation to the scientific. Her projects often begin with selecting and bringing back information from a site - data that belongs to a moment or a place. She is interested in creating a materiality from moment, and she uses technologies as tools to filter, collect and capture information. She works with both the photographic image and sculpture.

Δ Ghazaleh Avarzamani

The focus of Ghazaleh Avarzamani’s works revolves around conceptions and applications of Craft and Artisanal modes of production and their relevance and influence in contemporary culture. Through her practice as an artist, she investigates the notion of modernism and its apprehension of craftsmanship, decorativeness and domestic art. Issues like material, technology, ornamentation and originality of medium have always made her question the conventions of aesthetic. She comes from an Eastern culture that has a long history with craftsmanship. For her, approaching the domestic materials and skills is a challenging endeavour. Although those skills and mediums could be considered art in their own context, she is interested in de-contextualizing them and recycling them into a new form of art in contemporary sense. Ghazaleh Avarzamani graduated from Central Saint Martins and currently works between London and Tehran.

Δ Sung Eun Chin

Sung Eun Chin’s work attempts to reinterpret a range of issues of contemporary time through her fictional world. Whilst her inventive tale, Here Is the New World, Wonkii, has intimated her contemplation on modern media that sustain contemporary myth, her recent work investigates how to  visualise extended imagination induced by written work by establishing relation between the language of manga and other visual sources, orienting towards the combination of literary inspiration and visual experience. 

Born in 1984 in South Korea, Chin completed BA Fashion Design at Hong-ik University in Korea in 2008 and Postgraduate Diploma Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2012 and is doing a degree on MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. Currently she is leading a multidisciplinary project team, TodayAnd, which runs projects exploring pluralistic relation among various spheres of art.

Δ Imran Perretta

'I am queuing to see Mao’s remains in Beijing. It is the hottest July for several decades.

As the line moves closer, I shuffle onwards.

Tourists stroll languidly while I limp.

Everyone else seems fine.

I am learning about my prejudices.

I am violently aware of my Western sensibilities.

My relationship with my Eastern heritage is becoming messier.

I am no nearer to knowing how I feel about anything.’ 

Encompassing moving image, performance, installation and drawing, Imran Perretta’s work seeks to meditate on notions of loss, identity and the passing of individual and cultural histories. Based in London, he is currently completing the final year of his MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art.

Δ Tom Railton

 Born in Coventry, Tom Railton studied and worked in Leeds until moving to London to take his Postgraduate Diploma at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2011. Awarded the Patrick Caulfield Scholarship for MA Fine Art study, he graduated the following year, receiving the 3rd annual GAM Gilbert de Botton Art Prize. 

He lives and works in London, combining a multidisciplinary practice with recent appointments at the University of Westminster and The Royal College of Art’s Sculpture Department. He was featured in the inaugural St.Vincent European Art Prize and the Catlin Guide to emerging artists (2013), and was joint winner of the Workweek Prize for the solo presentation ‘Augury’ at 38b.

Δ Jakob Rowlinson

Jakob Rowlinson (b.1990) is a graduate of the Ruskin School of Art. He works with performance, video and printed media. His practice explores human facial expressions and body language, and relies upon actors, performers and willing volunteers to produce his work. He creates various forms of instructions about these performances – written, drawn or spoken – which must be carefully deciphered and followed in order to be performed. In this way the artist’s role becomes one of conductor, puppeteer and magician, and the faces and bodies of his volunteers are used as instruments to be watched and interpreted.

Δ Abigail Sidebotham

Abigail Sidebotham (b. 1985, Wales) is a multi media artist based in London. Her practice includes works with drawing, text, performance, photography and artist film. She earned her Fine Art Masters from the Royal College of Art in 2013. Her work has been exhibited internationally in exhibitions at HotShoe Gallery, London, Altitude 1000+ Festival, Switzerland and DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague at which her work received an honorary mention. Blackdog publishers and Channel magazine have printed her work.

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